A Year In Reading – 2017

It was a quiet reading year for me, this year. World events were garbage fire and pregnancy has always done a number on my ability to focus and concentrate. Knowing that, I set my reading goals very low. What I lacked in quantity, however, I made up for in quality. I truly enjoyed everything I read.

As usual, my reading list (pictured below) was almost entirely made up of fiction, from middle grade to YA to adult, with a few memoirs (graphic and prose) thrown in.The books on my list stayed almost entirely grounded in reality. Not sure how I feel about that, since the reality of things has been so syrupy thick with fear. But, maybe it’s important to stay the course with eyes wide open and not be so eager to look away. I also concentrated on reading and supporting women authors and books by writers of color and I’ll continue to amp that up more in 2018.

I’ve also been lucky to read some advanced copies of other middle grade writers whose work will debut in 2018. Keep your eyes out for: a novel told in half prose and half verse, Every Shiny Thing by Cordelia Jensen and Laurie Morrison; The Science of Breakable Things by Tae Keller; an epistolary novel by Jen Petro-Roy, P.S. I Miss You; andWorth A Thousand Words by Brigit Young. It’s been humbling to read so many wonderful new voices and I can’t wait to discover more debut books in the new year.

In 2018, I’ve decided not to challenge myself to read a certain number of books. I want to be inspired by words and take my time with them. I want to work hard and write harder. It will be a different book year for me, with my own novel out in the world. And I want to see where that book takes me. I’ve been waiting so long for this year to be this year, I’m just really happy it’s finally here. So. Here we go…

I hope you had a happy reading year. Let me know if our reading lives overlapped anywhere. It’s always good to know where we might have shared the same head space for a bit.

And happy new year!

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