A Year in Reading – 2016

Well, I think we can all agree, it’s been quite a year. I haven’t felt up to the task of writing about it. The year in news was brutal and I haven’t been able to let go of all that happened. I won’t any time soon.

It’s only in the past few days that I’ve felt like being creative, setting pen to paper, allowing myself to dream something new. I keep going back to this tweet from India.Arie, an artist I have long admired:

"All healers – high consciousness – high vibration human beings – time to double up on your missions. We need you. " https://t.co/uDMfpsBc5P

— India.Arie (@indiaarie) November 18, 2016

So, double up, my friends. There’s work to do.

Some of that work is the work of reading. Reading, I would argue, is not a passive act. It’s a powerful one. When we open the pages of a book, no matter the genre, we seek to understand something about our world and the people in it. We gain perspective. Our view becomes wider and we become smaller inside of it. That broadening, that open space, it feels more important than ever. We’ve been too large, I think. We’ve been overwhelming our tiny, narrow spaces. It’s time to expand, so we know how far we can go.

I’ve had a really amazing reading year. I read more this year than I ever have (78 books and counting.) I actually started to list all my favorites and then realized that there were WAY too many to name. Since I don’t complete books I don’t like or appreciate in some way, I truly recommend each and every book on this list. You’ll see some trends. I’ve newly started reading and loving graphic novels. I prefer stand alone books to series. Fiction to non-fiction. And I’m apparently not drawn to many books written by men!

I hope you had a happy reading year. Please tell me about some of the books where we may have overlapped in our reading lives.

Let’s double-up our missions, in reading and beyond, in 2017.

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