Storytelling, Advocacy, and Accountability

This year, I’ve been working with an accountability group that’s been such an amazing and beautiful force in my life. We’re all women, we all work from home, and we’re trying to move forward in our professional and personal lives, change our attitudes and perceptions, while we prioritize self-care and healthy lifestyles. It sounds like we’re taking on a lot and we are, but identifying goals as well as struggles, sharing them, and lending and receiving support has been an incredible experience.

Not to mention: it’s fun. When you sit all day at a desk, alone, having ‘coworkers’ in different states and counties is pretty fabulous.

The three of us work in different sectors: academia, global health, and writing, and we’re always learning how our work overlaps and intersects.

So, it felt like a no-brainer for my dear friend and accountabilibuddy Rebecca Fishman and I to collaborate. Rebecca and I have known each other since college and I’ve been blown away by the incredible work she does around the world. We had a wonderful conversation about storytelling and the work she does in global health, advocating for women and children, and we published it here.

Rebecca’s pretty freaking fantastic, as you will come to know and I learned a lot talking with her. The ideas are churning for how we can continue to use storytelling to create social change.

I hope you’ll check out our piece.

Here’s a ‘lil snippet:

"In advocacy, we try to bring more attention to issues and challenges that people face around the world. Since those without power often go unheard, storytelling is a powerful tool to “give voice to the voiceless”.

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