Baby's Here!

I’m over the moon to share this news: baby boy is here! He came two weeks early this past Saturday. I was so totally clueless about labor and delivery that, after 2 hours of steady abdominal pain (which I attributed to another health issue I had experienced earlier in the pregnancy) I thought Tyler and I should go to the hospital and see what was ‘the matter’. I didn’t even think to bring my carefully packed overnight bag but, ever practical, I did decide to bring my glasses and some paperwork ‘just in case’.

Imagine my surprise when the doctors said I was in early labor.

Thirty-one blissful hours later we welcomed him to the world. While he was perfectly healthy, I wondered out loud in those first few minutes Aren’t babies supposed to cry? After a half hour of lovely grunts, he gave us a few beautiful wails. I like to think this makes him a pretty chill kid.

At this time, I’m not sure about how to handle photographs through social media. I suppose this is a twenty-first century problem. For now, I believe everyone loves sunlit newborn feet and if you need a picture of his absolutely precious face, feel free to email me.

Life has already changed drastically, in the most wonderful way it could but I think it will be hard to adjust to a lot of the changes. Considering this might be the longest post I’ve been able to type in the past few months, I think I’ll be continuously surprised about how time will be handled. Right now newborn care is a strange sort of exhausting repetition with hours of frantic scurry and screams followed by waves of peaceful calm.

All this to say, I don’t know what blogging will be like for the next few months but I know I’ll make my way here when I can. In fact, I’ve wanted to write more, in general, in these first few day’s of the baby’s life than I have in the exhausting nine months leading up to this time.

I guess I’ve often seen writing as another form of dreaming. And dreams seem new and big and beautiful here.

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